Work / Life :: Blessed Either Way

As we try to build our blog for approval by Bob Borson for the "ArchiTalks" blog roll, this month's topic of discussion is "Work / Life." 

We at Palo Alto Design Studio believe we're blessed with both, either way. We are truly blessed to be able to work in the field of architecture and design. We work for a living and live for work. Remember that ideal as a child that you'd like your job to be something you enjoy day in and day out? This is what we live! Like Bob, we can't imagine not working. Even as Kyu spends his evening winding down with a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, he's flipping through the structural plans for our secondary dwelling project trying to figure things out. Hanna's thought of a break is swiping through dwell magazine looking for hidden gem images of interiors to share with our clients, present and future. 

This leads us to a Labor Day weekend topic of discussion we had with some friends of ours about "retirement." Not that we're even close to that age, but the thought of retiring is completely foreign to us. We see ourselves designing and working until we physically can't anymore. Turns out this isn't the case with a lot of our friends. Many of them work in order to live. They work for money, they work for vacations, they work so they can afford to live in the Bay Area! While we can't completely disagree with this, work is not such a drag for us, we get quite excited about work and have first hand experience having gone on vacations and missing work!

A lot of it boils down to the important concept of 'taking ownership' of your work. Being a smaller office, we each wear a lot of hats. We really take pride and ownership in the projects we work on from step 1 all the way through the end. We see every drop of sweat pay off in the end and thrive off the rush that we get from making clients happy. We love to serve, we love to work, and most of all, we love life.